Maintaining the highest of standards in the delivery of our services is our focal point. Our integrated management system incorporates the management of our quality practices. We have documented procedures in place for operational activities across all our services, document management, customers feedback, non-conformance reporting, conduct managements reviews and have an on-go...
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Sea Mayors is committed to safe guarding the environment in which we operate by managing our environmental footprint through responsible behavior. We have completed aspects and impacts assessments in all our offices and identified environmental goals which form part of our integrated management process.
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Occupational Health and Safety

Handyman on the scene
At Sea Mayors we continually strive to create a safe workplace for our employees and contract personnel, thus avoiding accidents and occupational illnesses. The company’s board of directors have prioritized staff safety and set a goal of zero fatalities and zero serious incidents within the group. The group invests a large percentage of annual turnover in to health and safet...
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